A Community Making Change

Watch the story of the HIV/AIDS Prevention Group Bela Bela and hear from the founders and original support groups members of how they made change happen.

The Living Angels

“I remember I would tell the patient, ‘If it’s at night and you’re feeling sick you must just come here and then throw a stone and then if I hear a stone I know it’s you.’ And they did that!’ Fizo laughs

Fizo’s anecdote is a fitting introduction to the nurses who started the first support group at HAPG. They were really like rays of sunshine in a very dark time in the history of South Africa. HIV came in as a silent, stealthy killer, taking people by surprise with its devastating effects on so many, particularly the poor. Fizo and the other nurses understood the stigma associated with HIV and accommodated their patients in many ways, showing caring, consideration and a great degree of patience.