Check out these great posters which share some of the stories of the people of  the HIV/AIDS Prevention Group (HAPG). These were produced with Oxfam for the Melbourne AIDS 2014 ConferenceMelbourne AIDS 2014 Conference

Download these posters and put these up in your office.

Read the full stories in the Publication “A community making change: HIV/AIDS Prevention Group Bela-Bela”

Watch the video

  • Oxfam-HAPG-Poster-Norbert
  • Oxfam-HAPG-Poster-Sophy
  • Oxfam-HAPG-Poster-Caroline
  • Oxfam-HAPG-Poster-Rebecca
  • Oxfam-HAPG-Poster-Joseph
  • Oxfam-HAPG-Poster-Cecile
  • Oxfam-HAPG-Poster-Elias
  • Oxfam-HAPG-Poster-Johan
  • Oxfam-HAPG-Poster-Fizo

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