HAPG Wellness Clinic

The number of new HIV patients starting ART in HAPG was 164. This number is composed of 19 patients that transferred in on ART from other Wellness Clinics in the area.

TB-HIV Co-infection

A lot of work was done by the TB clinic to have all TB patients testing for HIV. The co-infection rate for the TB patients at the Leah Makoena Clinic is 70.3 %. This was facilitated by the placement of a HBC care giver from HAPG place permanently in the TB clinic.

HCT counselling

HCT counselling increased with more then 1500 test over the past year. Although there is a high number of tests, the number of people testing HIV positive remained more or less stable.

  • 2005 – HAPG won the SA AIDS Conference award for best oral presentation and clinical excellence
  • Reached 30.000 people per year through awareness and info
  • Zero new AIDS orphans in the last 4 years
  • Zero TB patients defaulting on TB treatment
  • 100 % Counselling and testing in 2013-2014
  • Over 85 % adherence in ART patients
  • Two communities with ZERO new TB infections in the last year
  • Declining HIV positive test results from 27.9 % to 17 % in adults