TB-HIV Co-infection

A lot of work was done by the TB clinic to have all TB patients testing for HIV. The co-infection rate for the TB patients at the Leah Makoena Clinic is 70.3 %. This was facilitated by the placement of a HBC care giver from HAPG place permanently in the TB clinic.

co-infection-TB-HIV BelaBela 2011-2013The caregiver is the only constant presence in the clinic as the nurses work on a rotational basis. In 2011 there was a professional nurse on a full time basis. In 2012 this was not the case, and the referral for HCT testing dropped from 70 % to 66 %. With the caregiver permanently in the clinic, the percentage rose again to 70 %.


tb-population-bb-township-2011-2013As is observed worldwide, the number of new TB diagnoses is dropping slowly. This is also observed in Bela Bela township. Records for other clinics are not available at HAPG.

  • 2005 – HAPG won the SA AIDS Conference award for best oral presentation and clinical excellence
  • Reached 30.000 people per year through awareness and info
  • Zero new AIDS orphans in the last 4 years
  • Zero TB patients defaulting on TB treatment
  • 100 % Counselling and testing in 2013-2014
  • Over 85 % adherence in ART patients
  • Two communities with ZERO new TB infections in the last year
  • Declining HIV positive test results from 27.9 % to 17 % in adults